Bible Study

September 24 2020

Hoping Against Hope

Anchored hopes never disappoint.  Can you imagine life without hope? Hopefully not. Most of us would agree hope is essential to the human spirit. Even so, hope can be tricky for me. By definition, it conjures up images of happy anticipation and expectation. But unfulfilled hope can crush the spirit. The Bible describes this reality:…

September 17 2020

When The Darkness Of The World Feels Overwhelming

His light defeats the world’s darkness. My favorite way to decorate my home revolves around lights. Twinkle lights smile at me from above my kitchen cabinets, Scentsy warmers adorn various corners, and a bouquet of lights takes center stage in my dining room. For me these lights create a cozy and comforting ambiance. A four-part…

September 3 2020

When We Follow The One Who Never Changes

Recently a friend reminded me fall is around the corner. Thanks to our recent move to Virginia, I look forward to seeing the leaves change color for the first time in several years. The colorful foliage will not be the only mark of change this year. Retirement, our cross-country move, a new church family, and…

August 27 2020

Taking Time to Consider His Creation

Greetings from Virginia! After 2,200 miles (approximately 44 hours of driving), we arrived in Virginia. My husband did all the driving while I helped navigate. But most of the time, I snuggled with Noëlle and enjoyed the changing scenery. The farther we traveled east, the more green the landscape became. These green rolling hills sharply…

August 20 2020

When Blessings Feel Like Hardships

We can learn to be content no matter our circumstances because God gives us strength. (Philippians 4:13) For me, He often strengthens me through the relationships He gives me. I learned this important lesson while living in Paris.

August 13 2020

When Love Takes The Witness Stand

The countdown has begun. In just ten days, my husband and I will pack a truck with our belongings and start our trek across the country to our new home. Life at the moment reflects a flurry of fun, yet bittersweet dates with dear friends. Saying good-bye has never been easy for me. I prefer…

July 30 2020

Discovering True Joy

Earlier this week, opportunity came knocking. My husband and I saw a way to lighten the burdens of some people we love. Although helping these people required sacrifice, the process lifted our spirits. Can I confess? I had forgotten how great it feels to sacrifice and serve others. It reminds me of one of my…

July 23 2020

Happy People Read the Bible and Drink Coffee

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post is a video: I’ve never done this before, so please bear with me as I work through all the technical details. Enjoy!    

July 16 2020

Taming My Negative Thoughts

We’d been dreading it for weeks. We put it off for days. But in preparation for our retirement and future move across the country, tackling the garage became a priority.  For most people, garages are places to park their cars. But desert sand makes basements impossible. So for people living in the desert, garages become…