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Salut! (Hi!) I’m Shirley

I am so glad that you are here.  Grab your favorite hot beverage, settle into a cozy chair and stay awhile! 

September 29 2022

Studying God’s Word Lights Our Path To Do Good In This World

As I looked out at the pool, I noticed all three lanes designated for swimming laps had been ...

September 22 2022

If I Work This Hard, Shouldn’t I Achieve The Expected Results?

This morning I woke up with hopeful expectations. But now I feel only acute disappointment. I know the ...

September 15 2022

Choosing To Trust God When He Leads You Into Unknown Territory

Living as a vagabond is unsettling. In fact, the word unsettled appears in one of the definitions of ...

September 8 2022

Learning To Trust God’s Promise To Meet Our Needs With Abundance

I’m content. I like my apartment. So does my cat. People are nice here. Tears filled my eyes ...

August 18 2022

When You Make The Right Decision, But Still Feel Pain

It’s a lot. My husband and I have often repeated that phrase in the last two weeks. We ...

August 4 2022

How To Change Your Grumbling Spirit To One Of Gratitude

I think the Lord was trying to tell me something. It started a couple of weeks ago when ...
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The inspiration for my blog title comes from the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. In many ways, this poem captures the essence of my life’s journey.