Quiz: What Type of Achiever Am I?

After reading the scenarios and questions, select the answer that best describes you.

Your supervisor has tasked you with organizing refreshments for an event she is hosting. The event will be an outreach opportunity to showcase the work your organization is doing in the community. The budget is small, so she suggests asking members of the organization to contribute enough food for both the members and several guests. Because the event is open, a specific headcount cannot be determined.

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Question 1: Although the event is open to all, the supervisor is asking every member to bring at least one guest. Since the event is to be held midmorning, you decide to serve a selection of savory and sweet items. To assign the treats each member should bring:

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Question 2: As the event draws to a close, a member of the organization who is also a professional caterer approaches you. Surveying the food remaining on the banquet tables, she notes the remaining treats are the perfect quantity—not too many, nor too few. Everyone has had their fill, and nothing was wasted. In response:

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Question 3: Just as the professional caterer walks away, your supervisor approaches you. Surveying the food remaining on the banquet table, she points out certain items are completely gone. She is concerned some attendees were unable to sample everything. Your response:

Your schedule has been very busy for the last few weeks. You’ve put off working on a gift you are making for your mother’s birthday. You finally have a free evening and look forward to catching up on your project. But before you can get started, a friend invites you to a little get-together at her house. It sounds like fun, but your mother’s birthday is coming up soon. When you explain your situation, she encourages you to bring your project and work on it during the get-together.

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Question 4: Weighing the options, you make your decision:

You are attending a mandated professional training for your career. The training packet you received includes two lists of articles to read. One list is required; the other one is recommended.

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Question 5: To prepare for the training:

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Question 6: During the training, you are assigned to work with people from other organizations. As you share your thoughts, another participant disrespectfully dismisses them.

Your supervisor asks you to be part of a task force to complete a new project for your organization. The work involved does not align with your wheelhouse of skills, nor do you share your supervisor’s passion for it.

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Question 7: You decide to:

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Question 8: When you are assigned your responsibilities in the group, you:

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Question 9: You notice one of the task force members is not meeting her responsibilities. You:

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Question 10: Which of the following mantras best describes your work ethic?